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Rear Window Graphic Installation Demo

    1. Make sure to clean the window according to the supplied instructions. Rubbing alcohol works well as a final preparation. Position the window graphic to your liking over the window and hold down with masking tape if necessary.

    2. Peel back the liner from one half of the graphic and start squeegeeing it down from the center out.

    3. Use overlapping strokes and firm pressure to ensure a good bond. Repeat for the other half of the graphic.

    4. Go over the entire graphic again using the squeegee and pressing well into all edges of the window trim.

    5. Trim the graphic along the edges of the window molding using a sharp knife or razor. Trim all the way around and peel away the excess vinyl.

    6. Re-squeegee the edges of the vinyl outwards towards the window molding to ensure good adhesion. Tuck any showing edges underneath the window molding or just trim them away.

    7. Stand back and enjoy your new image! From the inside of the vehicle you will have a clear view...

    8. You can even add a truck side graphics kit to the sides to complete your package!