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Car Accessories & Custom Auto Parts

All car and truck junkies have tremendous passion for their ride. Some want to add something simple, like a rear window graphic or one of our truck graphic kits. Some buffs are just the opposite, and they need to make huge changes to their car or truck, maybe adding a lift kit, a rear wing, or wide fender flares to accommodate their new wheels and oversized tires. They love to be with other car freaks to share stories with them about mods they have made, or just to take their cars to a shopping mall just to have people look at and admire their vehicles. If you want your car to look more custom than any other, then you'll need add some custom auto accessories from Custom Auto Trim.

At CustomAutoTrim.Com and AUTOMEGA ®, we know you love your car, and so do we. We specialize in giving our drivers the very best aftermarket car and truck accessories available on the planet that will change the appearance of any car or truck on the road. If you are looking to change the exterior appearance of your vehicle you might choose a a rear spoiler or wing to change it up, or you might install some truck graphics or rear window graphics that are easy to install, yet truly give your truck a new expression. Just looking for side protection from door damage? Add our body side molding to prevent door dings and minor parking lot damage. Have a pickup truck? Add some of our stainless steel nerf bars or our stainless rocker panels, both with a lifetime warranty. Other high quality car and truck accessories we offer are:

  • Body side molding - Car door molding, bumper moldings, wheel well molding, door edge guards, painted door molding and other protective car door trim to protect your car or truck from parking lot damage, door dings and chips.

  • Graphic kits - Car and truck graphic kits Car decals, rear window graphics & back window decals will customize the exterior of any vehicle. Automotive graphics, racing decals, pinstriping tape, vehicle graphics & decals will add a little zip to just about anything that you can drive.

  • Nerf bars - Nerf bars and side step bars from ICI will make accessing your rear cab, bed, toolbox and 5th wheel hitch very easy. Wheel-to-wheel nerf bars add a third step in the rear for easy access, and our dually wheel to wheel step bars have an additional rear kick-out or step. Magnum RT Steps are black heavy duty wide drop steps, rectangular hoop style for easy foot placement.

  • Rear spoilers- Our factory style rear spoilers and wings stand up to OE standards for fitment, functionality, durability, and style. Most car spoilers come in a variety of styles and shapes including factory, OE, lip spoilers, painted spoilers, universal wings, roof spoilers and many others. Available painted and unpainted and are shipped factory direct.

  • Rocker Panels - Chrome rocker panels and Stainless Steel Rocker Panels will bring new life to your vehicle while it gives you an additional level of protection. Chrome rocker panels are precision cut to fit perfectly. For body shops, replacement chrome rocker panels are also available in a custom size made directly from your template if necessary.

  • Vinyl Wrap - 3M Vinyl wrap comes in different styles including our Carbon Fiber Wrap, Woodgrain Wrap, our Dinoc and 3M 1080 Scotchprint Vinyl Wrap designed to provide stability and durability without the need for an over laminate. Carbon Fiber wrap the entire car or just your hood, trunk, spoiler & mirrors. Other finishes are our matte black, chrome, or other matte color wrap films that come in a big variety of colors. On the interior you can wrap your dash, window switches, center console and other interior trim.

  • Truck Bed Rails - Our Stainless Steel Truck Bed Rails, Stake Pocket Bed Rails or our bolt on Tube Style Bed Rails are made from high quality 304 stainless steel materials to offer you the best possible protection, and to add bold style to your truck. You can use them to add a custom look, or as a tie down. Whatever your reason, truck bed rails are a fast, easy and stylish addition to any pickup truck.

  • Roof Racks - Roof racks by Perrycraft & Mont Blanc are among the best quality in the industry. . Perrycraft has been manufacturing OE quality roof racks like the Dynasport, Aventura, SportQuest and SporTrek for over 30 years. Roof rack accessories include carriers for Ski's, Snowboard, Bikes, Canoe, Kayak, Surfboards, and heavy load bars.

  • Hubcaps - Hub caps are an inexpensive way to customize your vehicle that can change the entire appearance for very little money. Also known as wheel covers, hubcaps are manufactured in metal or plastic material, and your hubcaps will protect all four wheels from dirt and debris.

  • WheelSkins - Will completely cover your existing factory wheel for a much closer appearance to genuine custom wheels. In fact, hubcap and wheelskins installations are just about the most common and least expensive strategies to making your car or truck look great. All hubcaps and wheel skins are sold in sets of four.

  • Fender Flares - Pocket Fender Flares and Rivets, Rivetz, Extendz, Streetz and Sportz style Fender Flares from True Edge and Xenon Fender Flares for OE style.

Why Choose Custom Auto Trim?

We are committed to providing you the highest quality name brand products from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. We are very knowledgeable in the products that we offer to you taking extra steps along your buying process to make sure that you will get the best possible car accessories for your vehicle. We can help you in the ordering process, and will most certainly help you after you have made your purchase