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Featuring Factory Style, Custom Style and Specialty car wings.

Pick a car spoiler and give your car a whole new identity. We've test-fitted our huge selection of car wings to hundreds of makes and models, so take your pick!

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Universal Spoilers

Universal Fit Rear Spoilers and Aftermarket Spoilers.

Universal spoilers in all shapes and sizes to fit vehicles with relatively flat trunk lids. Dimensions and specs are provided for you.

Rear Spoilers

Rear spoilers have this unique ability to completely change the look of your vehicle. In addition they impact the air drag in the rear of the car while at the same time they also add a touch of beauty and class. Give your car, SUV or truck a whole new identity by selecting from among the largest selection of factory style, custom style, and specialty car spoilers available anywhere. We have already test-fitted a huge selection of these rear wings to hundreds of makes and models.

When you think of customizing your car, one thing that you always wanted to do was to make sure that it looks unique and original. Our large collection of car spoilers will turn some heads in ways unimaginable, and will get you some of that attention that you’re looking for. We know that you want to be different. Select from a standard factory style spoiler, a custom rear wing or go for one of our universal spoilers.

While factory rear spoilers are pleasing to the eye with their sporty appearance, you could also choose a rear lip spoiler if you want a low profile and wish to give your car a more cool sleek appearance. These types of spoilers give your car a more of a high end appearance. But if being normal just isn’t your thing and you want to be different, then you should pick up one of our universal spoilers that fit many different makes and models of cars or trucks. With over 35 years in the auto accessories industry, let our experienced specialists at CustomAutoTrim.Com help you pick the perfect rear spoiler for your car.