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Rear Window Graphics

The largest selection of rear window graphics and decals are right here at Custom Auto Trim. We have more images, more sizes, and more categories available anywhere! Finding your rear window decal is always fast and easy.

Rear Window Graphics and Rear Window Decals are one of the easiest truck accessories that you can add to your pickup today. There are so many styles to choose from, and they come in sizes that accommodate most vehicles... cars, trucks and vans and can be used for either back window graphics or even the side window graphics. All of the vinyl films are perforated, so you can easily see OUT of your vehicle but because of the printing on the exterior of the rear window graphic it makes it harder to look in.

We know that the rear window graphic kits when installed on your car, truck, motorcycle, motor home, boat or trailer are going to be stunning and will bring you years of enjoyment. Each rear window graphic comes with a single panel decal sized to fit virtually all pickup trucks and SUVs. We only use licensed images, and each rear window graphics is made from OEM grade perforated vinyl films.

At CustomAutoTrim.Com we have more than thirty years in the automobile aftermarket. We know that you love your truck, and so do we. We know about every product we sell in great depth. We always have your best interests at heart, and we'll walk you through your buying process from beginning to end. We want your experience with Custom Auto Trim to be a great one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Rear Window Graphics come in different sizes?

Yes they do. Rear window graphics come in at least 3 sizes, maybe more depending on the manufacturer and the artwork itself. Sometimes an image of a rear window graphic can only be sized a few ways. That said, normally we have extra small, small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Please take a look on each product page that you are looking at for more specific information.

Which rear window graphic do I need for my car or truck?

Rear window graphics come in different sizes so you can get the best fit for your car or truck. Its best to measure your rear window and choose the rear window graphic that is the next size larger than your window measurements. That way when you trim during installation you don't have to trim away much of the rear window graphic itself, leaving the image on your window the way that you envisioned it to be.

Can my rear window graphic get wet? Can I take my car to the car wash still?

Yes they can get wet and they can be washed, but if you are washing your vehicle just use regular soap and water to clean it, never use any harsh chemicals on it. You are safe running it through most car washes, but please do not use any high pressure washing equipment to clean as that pressure may damage your rear window graphic. Never use any hand waxes.

Will I be able to still use my in glass defroster with a rear window graphic installed?

Absolutely. Although a rear window defroster generates heat, there isn't enough heat to do any damage at all to the rear window truck decals.

Can I install a rear window graphic over my tinted windows?

Yes you can. All rear window graphics are installed on the outside of the glass, not the inside. Have you ever seen a city bus that had advertising all over it including the windows? This is the same principal, like a wrap. Window tint however gets installed on the inside, so the two products never even touch each other and will never cause any issues with each other.

What if I have a slider on my rear window? Can I still install a rear window graphic?

Yes you can but it might be a little more difficult for you to install. Once you receive your rear window graphic you might want to take it to a local sign shop to have it installed if you think the installation might be too difficult for you.

Can you show me how to install a rear window graphic?

Absolutely. At the bottom of each rear window graphic page in our catalog you will see a tab for Install Demo. Take a look at that, it will give you step by step instructions with pictures of how a typical installation goes on a standard pickup truck.

My truck is leased. Can a rear window graphic be removed if I want to remove it?

Yes it can. They can be removed by using a thin scraper or razor or by just peeling most of it away. As with any vehicle graphic, the warmer the outside temperature is the easier the removal will be for you. If any adhesive remains on the glass it can be cleaned with any glass cleaner or adhesive remover.

Why should I buy a rear window graphic from Custom Auto Trim?

Give us a call and find out! We are not just sales people, we are installers of the products as well. We know about every product we sell in great depth. We always have your best interests at heart, and we'll walk you through your buying process from beginning to end. We want your experience with Custom Auto Trim to be a great one.