Larger Size Graphics for Trucks &SUV's

Be creative with our uniquely designed truck graphics. You decide if you want to place it right-side up or upside down. Start your graphic kit on the door or start the graphic on the fender. Have fun with it!


Medium and Smaller Graphics for Cars.

Pick from our wide selection of car graphics, large or small. Small car graphics can be installed along the bottom of the door in between the wheels or placed higher on the door. You can even add color coordinating pinstripe for an extra accent.


Pre-Cut Stripe Kits, Racing Stripes and Graphic Kits for Cars and Trucks.

Stripes and Graphics Designed for and Custom-fit to your Vehicle Make and Model, pre-cut and ready for easy installation. Factory-Style Stripe Kits and Graphics Packages Hood Stripes, Rocker Stripes and Racing Stripes Blackout Decals and Emblems. All stripes and graphics kits are made of high-performance vinyl and offered in several colors.


Graphics Kits with Flames.

Flame graphics are versatile, show off your vehicle with bold yellow, red and orange, or pick from our wide selection of flame graphic colors.


Checkered Flag Effect Graphics.

Check out our checkered flag graphic kits. Whether full size black and white or small hints of checkered flags you are sure to find one you like.


Graphics that Show your Pride.

Want to display an American Flag decal on your vehicle? We have patriotic graphics and patriotic decals, eagle decals and military window decals to show your pride.


Racing Graphic Kits.

Import car owners and racing enthusiasts will love our large racing graphics.


Cool Tribal Graphic Kits.

Tired of your old graphic kit? Check out our latest Tribal Graphics.


Smaller Graphics that Fit Tailgates.

Complete the look of your truck graphic by adding a tailgate graphic.


Graphic Kits with Scenes.

Horse graphics, wildlife graphics and mountain graphics are fascinating to look at. Why not put them on your car? You can find them in our graphics section and in our window graphics section.

Graphic Kits

Custom Auto Trim is the source for the largest online selection of car graphics and truck graphics kits, including all of the most current graphic kits available from the best manufacturers on the planet including Auto Trim Express, Illusions, Fas Graphics and Universal.

Do you have a big imagination? Then get a big truck graphic kit! There are some amazing colors, styles and sizes to choose, from one of the most extensive graphic kits catalogs in the industry. Having all of the graphic kits available for you in one place will save you time and insure you that you are getting the best deal on the planet.

If you are a racing fan check out some of our racing stripes and checkered flag graphics.Are you a hunter? Take a shot at our hunting or camouflage graphics and take your trip to the next level. At Custom Auto Trim we know you love your cars and trucks, and so do we.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do your Graphic Kits come in different sizes?

Yes they do, depending on the style of the graphic kit itself. If you are looking for a smaller graphics kit for a car or even a tailgate then you should be looking in our Car Graphics section or our Golf Cart or Motorcycle Graphics sections. If you have a truck or even a boat then look at the Truck Graphics Kit section where you will find our largest sizes available.

Are Graphic Kits universal? Will they fit any car or truck?

Almost all of our graphics kits are completely universal, meaning that you can install the graphic kit on virtually any car or truck, only limited by your imagination. Other Car Graphic Kits, like in our Racing Graphics section are made for a specific car or truck, and that’s all they are meant to fit. Please check the description of the graphic kit that you are intending on purchasing, or you can always call us any time.

Can I take my car to the car wash after I install a graphic kit?

Absolutely! We would just recommend waiting a few days after you install a new Graphic Kit so the adhesive has time to set up real good before you subject it to brushes or pressure spraying.

How long can I expect my Car Graphics to last?

The manufacturers normally state 5 to 7 year outdoor durability, however think of it like this… If you take real good care of your car or truck, and you keep it pretty clean, then you will probably get quite a few more years life from the graphic kit. It’s kind of like paint. If you take care of your paint then it always looks good. But if you don’t take care of your paint, or your vehicle, or keep it clean then you can probably expect it to be on the shorter end of that life line.

What if I don’t see the color that I want, can you make a special color Truck Graphics Kit for me?

Unfortunately we can not. The manufacturers only make the Graphics Kits in a set of pre-chosen colors. However if you want something custom we would recommend you go to a local sign shop where you should be able to sit at the computer with a graphic kit designer and pick out the exact colors that you want your Truck Graphic Kit to be. Yes you can but it might be a little more difficult for you to install. Once you receive your rear window graphic you might want to take it to a local sign shop to have it installed if you think the installation might be too difficult for you.

Are there any videos showing how to install a Truck Graphic Kit?

Yes there is, as well as a few of our other installation videos. A Truck Graphics Kit installation video can be seen at

My car is leased. Can Car Graphics be removed if I want?

Yes they can. If your Graphic Kit has been on the car a few years or less then all you need is a little time, a little heat, a little patience and maybe a little glue remover. That’s it!.

Why should I buy my Car or Truck Graphic Kits at Custom Auto Trim?

We think that if you just give us a call you will see why right away. We are not just sales people; we are installers of the products as well. We know about every product we sell in great detail. We always have your best interests at heart, and we'll walk you through your buying process from beginning to end. We want your experience with Custom Auto Trim to be a great one.