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Blackout Tape


Blackout Tape, Matte Black Finish, Roll Stock

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Matte Black (Blackout) Stripe Tape in various sizes. Use as design striping or for areas where flat black coverage is preferred.

Note: Want to blackout your hood or wrap your car? See our Matte Black Vinyl Wrap.

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Priced From : $28.09

4 inch Blackout Tape Pillar Post Tape

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Matte Black (Blackout) tape is perfect for covering over scratched and faded Pillar Post trim between windows; blacking out chrome trim and emblems, etc.

Note: Need a Larger Size? See our Blackout Tape Roll Stock.

Size: 4 inches

Length: Various sizes

Priced From : $17.12

Blackout Tape

It is not everyday that you plan to upgrade your vehicle. This naturally means that you would want something special as well as something out of this world to adorn your car, truck or SUV. All you need is the assistance and guidance of the right people who can help you realize your dreams for your vehicle. At CustomAutoTrim.Com you have arrived at the right place and are among the right bunch of car professionals who are passionate about what they do. Our black out tape is just the thing that you needed. Whether you want to design your vehicle or simply wish to black out certain areas such as the hood, our these black out tapes are the ideal accessories that you can ever lay your hands on.

Just have a look at our 4 inch black out tape pillar post tape in 6 t roll, or matte black finish in roll stock and you would sure fall in love with them. These tapes would give your vehicle an unseen before look and a style that everybody would love to imitate. At CustomAutoTrim.Com we have an experience of more than three decades in the automobile aftermarket which would be of tremendous help to you in all your plans for your vehicle. Our blackout tapes would help you make a significant statement everytime you go for a drive.