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Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon Fiber Wrap Textured Film

If you’re looking for a carbon fiber wrap after market look, then look no further. Custom Auto Trim supplies high performance carbon fiber wraps from brands like Avery, 3M Scotchprint and DI-NOC flexible wrap and vinyl material that looks like the real thing but is more versatile to use, and less expensive than buying a replacement carbon fiber hood for your car or truck. Being re-positionable, it easily installs on your fenders, roof, hood, spoilers, side view mirrors and interior dash areas. DiNoc carbon fiber finishes provide that sporty aftermarket look to any car. If you like a glossy look, try 3M Scotchprint 1080 Carbon Fiber. This shiny black carbon fiber wrap has a smaller, tighter weave pattern and comes in a wider 5 ft width for seamless applications and a desire for thinner film. Carbon fiber wrap comes in several colors, too. Our Carbon Fiber Vinyl comes in universal sheet sizes just right for any job.