Solid Line Pinstriping Tape

Single Line, 1 Color Pinstriping.

Single stripes available in many sizes and colors. Combine stripes to make unique stripe accents for autos, work vans, motorhomes & RVs, boats, signs and more.

Double Line Pinstriping Tape

2 Line Pinstriping Rolls.

Double-Line Pinstriping tape is available in different sizes of stripes and in single color or multi-color variations.

Multi-Line Pinstriping Tape

Several Lines of Stripe on one Roll.

Multi-Line Striping Tape available in various size configurations. You can use your imagination when combining stripes and colors.

Specialty Pinstripes

Alternative Pinstripes that make a unique statement.

Special-design pinstripes; Pinstripe/ Emblem sets and more.

Custom Fit Racing Stripes & Graphics

Pre-Cut Racing Stripe Kits and Graphic Kits.

Racing Stripes and Graphics Designed for and Custom-fit to your Vehicle Make and Model, pre-cut ready for easy installation. Factory-Style Stripe Kits and Graphics Packages; Hood Stripes, Rocker Stripes and Racing Stripes; Blackout Decals and Emblems. All stripes and graphics kits are made of high-performance vinyl and offered in several colors.

Blackout Tape

Matte Black Striping Tape.

Matte Black tape 'Blacks-Out' areas such as windows, window trim, light bezels, etc. Blackout tape is available in different size options.

Non-Skid Tape

Heavily Textured Tape Provides Non-Slip Protection.

Tread tape can be used on step bars, running boards, door sills, stairs, etc.-- just about anywhere you need traction.

Pinstriping Tape

It's been too long now that you had desperately wanted to change the look of your vehicle. It is even possible that your car or truck had been called a bit boring by many who just gave a cursory glance to it. If that is the case, then you have arrived at the right place where not only the look and feel of your car would be changed for all times to come but that too at a price that would simply astonish you. Our stunning collection of pinstriping tapes would tell you the whole story of how these colorful and magnificent stripes have the caliber of giving an all new look to your car and that too according to your own whims and fancies.

Select from our solid line, double line, multi-line, and specialty pinstripes. Available in single color and multi-color variations and in various size configurations these tapes would give a unique and an original look to your vehicle. Factory style stripe kits and graphics packages, rocker stripes, hood stripes and racing stripes, blackout decals and emblems are all available with us to make sure that you get the best when it comes to applying pinstripes to your automobile. We believe in aesthetics and are of firm opinion that if used properly these pinstripes and customized graphics can go a long way in augmenting the beauty of your car.

When you thought of using pinstriping tapes to change the look of your automobile, the only thing you had in mind was to get it done from the best place possible. With us you have made the right decision. Apart from pinstriping tapes and graphics we also have an enviable variety of matte blackout tape to black-out areas such as the windows, window trim, light bezels etc. All our stripes and graphic kits are made of high-performance vinyl. Also our non-skid tapes can be used on the step bars, door sills, running boards or in fact anywhere that you need traction. Such variety at such modest prices cannot be had anywhere else.