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chrysler 200 Wheel Skins

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chrysler 200 Wheel Skins

Enhance the appearance of your 2014 chrysler 200 with our chrome wheel skins without breaking the bank. For a fraction of the cost of chrome rims, you can get the look of real chrome plated wheels. Check out our hottest 2014 chrysler 200 Black Wheel Skins. Made to fit over top of your Factory wheels to make them look like brand new Gloss Black OEM wheels. Just pop off your center cap and snap your 2014 chrysler 200 Wheel Skin into place. You can replace your original cap, paint it Black or put on a new one to complete your look.

Made of durable ABS polymer, our 2014 chrysler 200 Gloss Black Wheel Skins and 2014 chrysler 200 Chrome Wheel Skins are easy to clean with just soap and water. You can even use a spray wax to keep it's brilliant shine!

Each 2014 chrysler 200 wheel skin is precision molded and form-fitted to the exact shape of your OEM alloy or machined wheels. They match spoke-for-spoke, slot-to-slot and hole-to-hole so that the skin fits like a mask or glove that snaps over top of your spokes, hiding your wheel and disguising it to a new Black or Chrome finish. Just check your wheel size and wheel pattern and match up to the appropriate wheel skin to ensure a proper fit for your vehicle. To install, just remove your center cap first, align the wheel skin to the tire valve stem opening and then push in the center to snap over your spokes. Snap in all the way around and check for a tight fit. Then pop your center cap back into the center hole and you are finished! You will see your lug nuts pass through the wheel skin, leaving them accessible when you need to remove your wheel. You will never have to remove your wheel skin to service your tires!

If you have an unfinished, bare wheel that has no design, you can choose from our wide selection of hubcaps. Hubcaps differ from wheel skins in that hubcaps are complete wheel covers that clip into the rim and held in place with a wire ring. Hubcaps will cover the entire wheel opening including the lug nuts. When you need to service your tires and brakes, you will need to remove the hubcaps first. To order a hubcap, just check your wheel size first (printed on your tire) to ensure a proper fit.