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  Hubcaps Wheel Covers, Wheel Skins and Dually Simulators - Select your Wheel Size
14" hubcaps and wheel covers
14 inch Hubcaps
15" hubcaps and wheel covers
15 inch Hubcaps & Skins
16" hubcaps and wheel covers
16 inch Hubcaps & Skins
17" hubcaps and wheel covers
17 inch Hubcaps & Skins
18" hubcaps and wheel covers
18 inch Hubcaps& Skins
20" hubcaps and wheel covers
20 inch Hubcaps & Skins
Chrome Wheel Simulators for Cars Trucks Motorhomes RV
Wheel Simulators
hubcaps cover plain stock wheelsHubcap Covers Chrome Wheel Skins Fit Like a Glove over your Stock Wheel
Chrome Wheel Skins
Hubcaps and Wheel Covers for cars, trucks and motorhomes.

Custom hub cap and wheel cover designs to suit any taste, make, or model of car.

If you're missing a car hub cap or two, want a Factory Replica hubcap design, or simply feel that your car needs some of the style that a set of chrome hub caps can provide, place an order at AUTOMEGAŽ, and give your car that extra touch of style without spending a fortune at a custom auto shop. Many of our hub caps and hub cap wheel cover selections are available for immediate order and for any make of car. We offer hubcaps and hubcap wheel covers in stock factory and aftermarket options, so you can make your car's hubcaps look as natural or as flashy as you like.

Wheel covers are available in several forms-- Hubcaps, Wheel Skins, and Wheel Simulators. It is important to first know what kind of wheel you have in order to determine what type of wheel cover you will need:

Hubcaps - Gives your wheels a design.

Hubcaps are made to cover over plain, unfinished stock wheels that have no design or style to them -- most likely you just have an ugly, black wheel showing. A Hubcap is a plastic cover that looks like a finished wheel, usually silver metallic color or in shiny chrome and will cover over top of your wheel and snap into place. You may want to replace your old, dingy factory hubcaps with new ones, We have factory replica hubcaps as well. Just make sure to check if your current hubcaps are the snap-on type or bolt-on type (if you have to remove your lug nuts in order to remove your hubcaps, then you will need to order our hubcaps that are labeled "bolt-on").

We have wheel covers in many sizes. To find the right size hubcap size, just look at the writing on the side of your tire indicating the rim size. Our automotive hubcaps are sold in sets of 4 covers.

Wheel Skins - Turns your factory steel, alloy or aluminum wheels into chrome finish wheels.

Wheel Skins are made to turn your stock silver wheels into new, chrome finished factory-looking wheels. Wheel Skins are shiny Chrome covers that are vehicle specific form-fitted, 3D shell-like covers that are made to the exact pattern of the stock factory designed wheel. Wheel Skins fit like a glove -- they attach to the facing of the spokes of your wheel and cover the wheel exactly so that you are basically masking your silver wheel and making it look like a "new chromed wheel". Made of durable Chrome plated ABS plastic, Wheel Skins are lightweight and easy to install. To find the right size Wheel Skin size, just look at the writing on the side of your tire indicating the rim size. Our Wheel Skins are sold in sets of 4 covers.

Wheel Simulators - Turns your Dually Wheels into a chrome finish wheels.

Wheel Simulators cover your Dually Truck wheels with highly polished Stainless Steel at a much more affordable cost compared to buying Chrome plated dual wheels. We have Universal Bolt-on and Snap-on Simulator Covers as well as truck-specific dually Simulators. Beautiful high grade stainless steel will give your wheels years of a beautiful shine. Before ordering, you will need to know how many hand holes and lug nuts you have as well as your rim size. We have Dually Simulators in 16 inch, 16.5 inch, 17 inch simulators, and 19.5 inch Dually Simulators. We also have push-on covers for Motorhome wheels. Our Dually Simulators are sold in sets of 4 covers.

AUTOMEGA ® offers the finest hubcaps, replacement hub caps, wheel covers, wheel skins and dually simulators in the industry, including our large lineup of factory style hubcaps and chrome wheel simulators for your Dually Pickup Truck, Fifth Wheel, RV or Motorhome. All wheel covers and hubcaps ship factory direct to you. Order securely online 24 hours a day for fast delivery, or to place your order by phone call us Toll Free at (800) 232-6922 during our regular business hours Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4PM Pacific Time (11:30AM - 7PM Eastern).

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