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A Hummer no doubt takes you on a grand and a justified ego trip. You have all the reasons in the world to be proud of the fact that you own a Hummer. But you just cannot allow the articles like the gravel, road salt, rocks and general muck to play havoc with the lower portions of your vehicle everytime you take it out on the roads. The best solution is to install the Hummer rocker panels on your vehicle. These rocker panels would not only give your vehicle the ultimate protection but would also make sure that it looks grand and unique.

You can check out our 26 Gauge, mirror-polished 304 grade stainless steel that shines like bright chrome. It is pre-cut to fit each vehicle and custom made to order direct from factory. The pieces are backed with OEM approved 3M adhesive tape for a permanent bond. These rocker panels come in a set to fit both sides of vehicle. Mark our words that our rocker panels would simply change the way you have been driving your Hummer till now.

You can also go for our Alternative Pro-Flex chrome where chrome flexible ABS trim has the same look and thickness as stainless steel. Bright, chrome mirror shine with UV-coated scratch resistant finish. The flexible ABS trim adheres to complex body contour areas stainless steel won't conform. They are 3M adhesive-backed for peel-and-stick application. Easy to trim and available in roll stock from 4 inches up to 24 inches tall for custom or make your own rocker panel and chrome trim applications. So be prepared for an all new experience of driving a Hummer.