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Mercury Marauder REAR SPOILER # WG1509

Mercury Marauder  2003-2005
Photo shows example of rear spoiler only. Placement varies with each vehicle and may look different on each trunk lid.
  • WG1509 Unpainted Spoiler:

    Reg : $154.99
    Sale: $124.99
  • WG1509 Painted Spoiler:

    Reg : $254.99
    Sale: $229.99

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Replica of Factory issued spoiler. Should not be used to replace OEM installed spoiler as holes may not match.

Photo shows example of the rear spoiler only. This car spoiler may appy to and fit more than one vehicle model. Placement varies with each vehicle and may look different on each trunk lid.
Suggested applications may not suit individual tastes. Always pre-fit rear spoilers to trunk lid prior to painting or drilling. Spoilers are not returnable once painted or installed. Spoilers shown are not meant to replace factory installed parts as hole placement may not match factory.
The paint code is listed on the manufacturer's label attached to the vehicle, usually found on the driver's door jamb, in the trunk, or under the hood. How to find your paint code. If you need additional help finding your paint code, contact the Parts or Service Manager at your local Dealership and provide them with your VIN number and they can assist you.

NOTE: If your car is older than 2 years and does not look in "like new" condition, we recommend purchasing your spoiler unpainted. Aging, weather and other conditions affecting your vehicle's finish may require your local paint shop to make adjustments to the color.

TOP 3 FAQ's - Mercury CAR SPOILER TECH TIPS [Read More...]

Q: Is it difficult to install a car spoiler? How do you install the LED brake light?
A: The rear spoilers are easy to install. They come with sealing gaskets (sponge-like material) that stick to the bottom of the legs, and mounting bolts. Use the supplied drill guides as a template for you to drill holes in alignment with the legs of the spoiler. You then tighten the bolts down to secure the spoiler in place. (If you have an extra layer of sheet metal underneath your trunk lid, see my Tip on the next question below.) The LED brake light is simple to install. Just attach the two wires to your existing third brake light wires, or into your existing brake light wiring. We have an installation demo on our web site you can view: CAR SPOILER INSTALLATION...

Q: Are the mid high, supra high and larger specialty rear spoilers installed the same way?
A: Yes, they are. However, the installer must use his judgment in placing the rear spoiler. Because these type spoilers are universal, they will fit differently from vehicle to vehicle. The spoiler would still be centered from side to side, but you may need to move it more forward on the trunk lid, if needed, to accommodate fitment of the legs and/or holes. The legs or pedestals on these spoilers form a "V" shape and the outside tips may or may not extend past the trunk lid, depending on its width. The inside portion of the pedestals should fit inside the trunk area enough so the holes will be located at least 1/4" from the edges. On some vehicles you will have more room for the holes, on some you will have less. On some, the pedestals will fit more flush than others due to the shape of different trunk lids. The tips of the car spoilers may be made to be raised in order to accommodate closing the trunk lid without banging against the quarter panels.

Some trunk lids have an extra layer of sheet metal underneath. In this case, you will need to drill a wider hole underneath in that extra layer first. This will give you room to get your bolt driver in to tighten the bolts to the trunk lid. If you use a metal hole saw bit, it will leave a clean hole. If you want to cover it afterwards, you can use a plastic cap or a felt circle. (This technique is the same for some custom spoiler installations that have holes that align differently from a factory spoiler).

Q: I want to take my previously installed factory spoiler off and put on a different spoiler. Can I get a car spoiler that matches the existing holes in my trunk lid?
A: It can be next to impossible to find an aftermarket spoiler with holes to match. If you need to replace your original Factory spoiler and match the factory holes in your trunk lid, we recommend that you purchase your spoiler from the Factory Dealership. Most Aftermarket factory style spoilers are replicas made from a factory mold, but the holes may not be in the exact same spot. It's not critical if you never had a spoiler on there to begin with. However, trying to match holes is very difficult. If you want to replace your factory spoiler with a different type of spoiler, we recommend that you have your body shop fill the old holes first. You may want to try to cover the old holes by using a spoiler with really wide pedestals, like the mid high or supra style spoiler. If the pedestals are wide enough to cover the old holes, you can use silicone and extra gasket material (found in any hardware store) to seal over the holes. You will still, however, need to drill new holes for the new pedestals because they will be in a different spot.

MERCURY MARAUDER Car spoilers and wings are one of the most popular auto accessories available on the aftermarket. From mild to wild, a car spoiler can change the entire look of the rear of any vehicle. You can choose from the standard OEM style factory spoiler, a custom factory style spoiler, or if you like to be different you can choose from one of our custom spoilers that are available

Car spoilers are easy to install. Feel free to view our Spoiler Installation Video if you need any tips or help, plus our FAQ's give you guidance as well. All of our MERCURY MARAUDER rear spoilers are top quality and have a Manufacturer's warranty.

You may want to check out our Body Kits department where you completely dress up your vehicle with stylish MERCURY MARAUDER ground effects from top manufacturer's like Extreme Dimensions Body Kits, Wings West Body Kits, and Xenon Body Kits. Our MERCURY MARAUDER car spoiler experts are here to help you, toll free (800) 232-6922 or (858) 273-5700.

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