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Factory & Custom Style Rear Spoilers & Custom Wings

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Rear Spoilers


Rear spoilers, car spoilers & custom rear wings are one of the most popular auto accessories available on the aftermarket. From mild to wild, a rear spoiler can change the entire look of any vehicle. You can choose from the standard factory style spoiler, a custom style wing, or if you like to be different you can choose from one of our custom spoilers that are available in our universal spoilers department. Some of the newest releases are the 2013 Honda Accord Spoiler, the 2013 Chevy Malibu Spoiler, the 2013 Ford Fusion Spoiler, the 2013 Lexus GS Spoiler, and the 2013 Nissan Sentra Spoiler.

Factory Rear Spoilers

Factory car spoilers are what make up most of the rear spoiler aftermarket. You will find some vehicles come standard with a rear spoiler now, like the new Dodge Dart Spoiler, the Scion FR-S Spoiler and the 2013 Altima Spoiler. This style of a rear spoiler is usually more of a lower profile, mildly agressive type of a spoiler, a more common type found on many cars, and are usually pleasing to the eye with their sporty appearance. If you like the factory look and like to dress up your car without getting carried away, then a factory rear spoiler is probably for you.

Rear Lip Spoilers

Rear lip spoilers are flush mounted to the rear deck lid. They usually sit on the lip or edge of the trunk just where the lid curves down towards the bumper. It has a very low profile, and gives the sleek appearance of a luxury car. Cars that have a lip spoiler are not trying to make a statement, more likely they would give the car a more high end appearance. Rear lip spoilers are usually found on luxury cars like the 2013 Lexus ES350 Spoiler or the Mercedes SL63 Spoiler.

Universal Wings & Spoilers

Universal spoilers fit many different makes and models of cars and some trucks. They are not model specific. What that means to you is that YOU HAVE OPTIONS!! Sometimes people don't want to follow the normal protocol. They want to be different. They want their own identity. Universal Custom rear spoilers give you that opportunity to change everything. From a lip style to the supra style spoilers and bat wings, once installed all bets are off and you and your car will be different. All universal spoilers have diagrams showing the dimensions and the bolt patterns of the spoiler so you can lay it out on your deck lid before you purchase the rear spoiler. The diagram will show where all of the holes are, and the dimensions of the spoiler front to back.


Universal Wings

Thanks for shopping at AUTOMEGA for your car spoilers and wings.

Choose from a large selection of car spoilers and wings including the latest factory style spoilers and truck spoilers. We have thousands of rear spoiler applications to choose from including custom spoilers like the Acura Integra Mid High Spoilers, the thruster spoiler, a Veilside spoiler, the Saleen Spoiler, the Bat Scorcher Spoiler, the Venom wing, Carbon Fiber wings, Racing wings, Kombat GTR spoilers, Touring wings, Tuner wings and the tC Redline spoiler. Have an SUV? We have roof spoilers for you. Have a truck? No problem - we have a tonneau cover spoiler and universal wing for you. We even have the new Ram SRT spoiler! Can't find an application for your older model vehicle? Try our Universal fit spoilers - we're sure you will find just the right one. We will even paint your factory style spoiler to match your factory color.

All of our spoilers are high quality, and they are easy to install -- check out our Spoiler Installation Videos where you will find more tech tips and installation hints to help you install your car spoiler.

Don't forget to check out our Body Kits department where you will find more selections and body kits from top manufacturer's like our Extreme Dimensions Body Kits and our Xenon spoilers.

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