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FLAT DASH KITS Dash kit includes Flat-Fit pieces that attach directly to the top surfaces of your interior dash. Created as an attractive wood overlay that fits to the flat and slight contour surfaces of your interior, it provides a beautiful luxurious look while adding value to your vehicle. Not a cheap decal, this dash trim is made from real wood veneers and factory approved simulated wood, carbon fiber, and metallic look materials. No need to remove factory components, just peel and stick. Flat Dash Kits are available in Heritage Real Wood Dash Kits, Woodview Dash Kits, Sherwood Dash Kits, Dashtek Real Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Glass Weave Kits, and Dashtek Synthetic Dash Kits. To see all Flat, Molded and Factory Match Dash Kit selections for your vehicle.

MOLDED DASH KITS Molded pieces provide 3-D Fit -- is shaped to fit sharp angles and take corners, more like a cap or a shell overlay. It is wider and encases more of the dashboard area, like on speedometer areas, radio bezels and door switches. This wood trim is made from OEM tested and approved synthetic material and has a UV protected finish with a Lifetime warranty. A variety of rich wood look walnut and burl finishes add beauty to any car interior. Additional synthetic finishes like carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, satin nickel are available as well. Molded Dash Kits come as stand-alone or in larger extended kits that include a combination of both Molded and Flat pieces for a complete coverage of both sharply contoured areas and flat areas like consoles and vent trims. Mounts directly to your interior surface, no need to remove factory components and no tools are required. Molded Dash Kits are available in Woodview Molded Dash Kits or AUTOMEGA private label Molded Dash Kits. To see all Molded, Flat and Factory Match Dash Kit selections for your vehicle.

FACTORY MATCH DASH KITS Factory Match Kits are Dash Kits available in the Matching color and Finish that complements and adds to your existing Factory-Installed wood, carbon fiber or metallic dash trim. Factory Match kits in matching real wood or real carbon fiber are provided in Flat fit pieces. Factory Match Dash Kits in matching synthetic wood, carbon fiber or metallic finishes may come in Flat Fit, Molded, or a combination of both Molded and Flat pieces. To see all Factory Match as well as Flat and Molded Dash Kit selections for your vehicle.

Thank you for considering the purchase of your Wood Dash Kit from When you shop from AUTOMEGAŽ, you are selecting from the Highest Quality wood dash trim kits available on the market.

"Formed" or "Molded" wood dash kits describe wood dash trim that is actually formed and shaped to fit sharper contoured areas, such as for your speedo trim, radio bezels and door switch trim. It is best visualized as "3-D" wood dash trim, in that it is shaped to fit sharp angles and take corners, more like a cap or an overlay or shell. It is wider and encases more of the dashboard area. This wood trim is made from synthetic material and has a specially treated finish that is durable and luxurious, and carries a lifetime warranty. These wood dash trim kits are designed to enhance large dashboards for trucks and SUV's. OEM tested and approved. 3M adhesive provides a lifetime of service. All wood dash kits come with everything you need for installation.

Traditional "flat" wood dash kits are the same wood dash trim that you have seen in new car showrooms for years. These real wood and real carbon fiber dash kits are precision cut and fit on top of the existing dash, providing a beautiful luxurious look and adding value to your vehicle. The finest in quality compared to other wood dash trim on the market. The finest wood, stained and sealed with a finish revealing the depth of woodgrain not seen in any other trim. Real carbon fiber interwoven. A high gloss UV protected finish that is very durable and scratch resistant. Smooth edges provide a clean factory look. OEM tested and approved wood trim. 3M adhesive provides a lifetime of service. The most affordable real wood dash kit and real carbon fiber dash trim kit at the highest quality available. Also available is a selection of synthetic or "simulated" wood and carbon fiber dash trim at an economical price as well as Factory Match dash kits that complement and add to your existing factory installed dash trim. Combination dash kits offer the best of both worlds: 3-D coverage where you need it and matching flat upgrade wood trim for a larger, extended dash kit.

All wood dash kits are made to order and shipped factory direct. Speedy Ground service is standard for flat wood dash kits. Technical support is available and our knowledgeable, friendly sales people are waiting to help you with any questions that you may have.

You don't have to look any further. We have the LARGEST selection of woodgrain dash trim on the market from OEM and private label manufacturers. Thousands of applications for all makes and models. Ford Dashes, Chevy woodgrain kits, Dodge wood dash kits, Honda carbon fiber dashes -- you name it, we have it. Browse through our extensive catalog of wood dashkits at your leisure with convenient 24 hr online ordering (on our secure server, encrypted for privacy). Just look up your vehicle and you will be taken to a catalog of all available wood dash kits for your specific model. You will see a diagram and price list. Choose from the available color samples shown, and complete the order form. It's that easy. Enjoy shopping!

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