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Introduction to Body Kits and Ground Effects

You may see them zip down the road in a way that causes your teeth to rattle and your brain to spin. It is a “pimped” out ride with the looks of a race car and the performance to back it up. While these cars, different makes and models, are a huge hit with the younger generations, they are enjoyed by people of all ages with a similar taste - one of speed and styling. Yet it isn’t really the car that makes these beauties such a joy to look at, it is the entire body kit and ground effects package that transforms any ‘ol car into a car admired by all. If you have any interest in making your car look better, you just may be someone who needs a body kit make-over. AUTOMEGA is the place to turn to when looking for a complete body kit make-over or just a simple adjustment to make that subtle difference which will complete your car.

A body kit, by definition, is virtually any piece or accessory for a car that modifies the look of a car. It attaches to the outside of the vehicle and would usually be put on the front bumper, side skirts, and the hood, wing, fenders or rear bumper of the car. Usually this is done to promote the “race car” look and to scream speed and power and to command attention from anyone who can see it. A full body kit would include all of these parts - and possibly different materials for each. The greatest thing about creating a body kit for your own car is the factor of custom building it to your specifications. Mix and match different body components. No longer are you stuck in a position of taking delivery from your car dealership and having to be content with it. Now, as body kits are gaining prominence through movies (such as The Fast and the Furious” and its sequel), they continue to be seen on the road by those who wish to have similar looking cars with similar capabilities. With teen-agers flush from allowances and older folks pulling out their extra cash, having a car that looks like it was in a movie is not out of the question.

Of course, the end appearance of the car is completely up to the owner - but there are a few features you will surely consider:

  • It is highly important to keep the car symmetric. To keep with the sleek, fast look, it is wise to have the right / left and front / back ends with a similar flow.
  • Smooth lines and a lowered image are common characteristics of cars installed with body kits. These features make the car look incredibly fast.

In the end though, a car owner must decide for themselves if they want the traditional speed features or if they would rather experiment with other options.

Remember, a body kit is a great choice for any car and can do wonders in terms of making a car more attractive and sleeker.  Moreover, there are thousands of options in the body kit arena, so its easy to customize your vehicle the way you want to!

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