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  1. What is the Vertical Doors Lambo Door System?
    • The Vertical Doors Lambo door system is a pre-drilled custom fitted hinge system that converts your doors to open up "Lambo" style. Each of these kits are direct "Bolt-On" replacements for your current stock hinges that are designed specifically for each car or truck.

  2. What are the Vertical Doors Lambo Hinges made out of?
    • All kits are made out of pre-hardened steel. All of the pivot points are hardened and tempered. The system utilizes Spherical Ball Bearings (allows for better shock motion) , grease fittings, and 2 adjustment screws that allow for proper alignment and better clearance. They are manufactured in the USA.

  3. Are the hinges made to fit my vehicle?
    • The Vertical Doors Lambo door hinges are direct "Bolt On" replacements for your current stock hinges. That means you can remove your stock hinges and just install our replacement lambo hinges in their place. This makes for the easiest installation in the industry. Currently we manufacture over 25 different direct bolt on kits designed specifically for each car or truck.

  4. Can I install these myself or do I have to take it to a shop to have it done? How long does it take to install??
    • We recommend that you have all lambo hinges professionally installed at a local body or customizing shop in your area, however if you are a mechanical person you may be able to install them yourself. It takes approximately two to three hours per door for installation.

  5. Will I need to make any modifications at all?
    • The only modification you will need to make is the rolling of the inner fenders for clearance. Most cars need to have this done. What that means is that the inner fender lip must be cut and folded in order to provide better clearance for the hinge. This is on the inner side of your fender, so no painting or body work will be necessary.

  6. How do the doors open once I install the Lambo Hinges?
    • First they open out a third of the way that they would open up normally, then they would open upwards so you can get in and out.

  7. How high do the doors go up?
    • Depending on how you adjust the hinges, most doors will open similar to this example photo.

  8. What holds the doors up when I open them?
    • Supplied with your Vertical Doors kit is a pair of high pressure gas assisted heavy duty struts that holds your doors open, and make opening and closing your doors easier. These will not automatically open and close the doors for you, just assist in the motion. They work similar to the way the shocks on your hood work. They assist in the opening and closing of the door as well as hold it open for you.

  9. Once I install the new hinges, will I still have the factory door seal?
    • Yes, the doors close and seal up just like they would with factory hinges.

  10. Can the Lambo Hinges work on a 4 Door Vehicle?
    • The Vertical Door lambo Hinges are made to convert the two front doors only. They are not intended to convert the back passenger doors.

  11. What about the door wiring extentions? Do you provide those as well?
    • Each bolt-on kit comes with wire extentions and connectors to extend the wiring harness. All wires must be extended to have clearance with the hinge.

  12. Are Lambo Hinges street legal?
    • That varies from state to state. Check your local laws to be sure. As with most customized products, these are designed for show / recreational use only.

  13. Is there a motorized or an automatic version of the Vertical Doors kit available?
    • At this time there is only a manual version of the bolt on kit available. In the future there may be a motorized version released. Once that is released, the manual kits that are now being produced should be upgradable to the motorized version.

  14. Do you offer technical support?
    • The manufacturer, Vertical Doors Inc. provides installation instructions with each kit. They have technical support on their website and a tech hotline as well.

  15. What is the warranty on the Vertical Doors Lambo Kit??
    • The shocks are covered under manufacturers warranty for a period of 6 months. If for any reason the shocks should become defective during this time, the defective parts can be returned for replacements, however they can not be altered or customized in any way. Any modifications to your kit will void the warranty. (Please note, the Universal Style Vertical Doors kit requires modification)

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