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Direct Bolt-on
Manual Vertical Door Kits

80 Degree Lift Lambo Hinges are Pre-Drilled for each Vehicle Application.

Universal Manual
Vertical Door Kits
Drill Your Own Hinges

90 up to 130 Degree Lift

Adapts to Most Vehicles


Motorized Parts Packages
to Make your Manual
Lambo Hinges Automatic
By Remote Control

(Easier to Install)
(Requires Professional Installation)
(Uses your own Lambo Hinges or Add to a Lambo Kit Purchase)
custom bolt on lambo hinges and VDC lambo conversions from automega
Vertical Doors Inc Bolt on Vertical Door Kits
AutoLoc Lambo Door Kits, Shaved Door Kits, Keyless Remotes and Accessories

Create a show-stopper by converting your car or truck front doors to open up Lambo Style with a vertical door kit!

AUTOMEGA® offers you Vertical Doors, Inc. Brand and AutoLoc™ Brand Lambo Door Conversion Kits. Vertical Door, Inc.vertical doors lambo doors are direct Bolt-on installation vertical door kit with pre-drilled hinges to fit specific vehicles, allowing for easy installation. Vertical Doors also provides 90 Degree Universal Hinge Lambo Door Kit that is not pre-drilled, not direct bolt-on that adapts to most trucks, SUV's and cars..

AutoLoc Brand lambo doors are totally universal vertical lift kits with hinges that are not pre-drilled and are not direct bolt-on installations. One-hinge -fits-all, these hinges will work for most cars and trucks by drilling the hinges yourself. You can even weld the finished product for a permanent installation. AutoLoc Lambo Door Kits are available in a 90 degree lift and an adjustable hinge with a lift up to 130 degrees. We offer AutoLoc™ lambo doors in several packages including manual lambo doors or motorized lambo doors that allow you to pop open and lift your doors by remote control.

Do you want to motorize your manual lambo doors? We also offer linear actuator packages that will motorize your existing lambo door hinges. Our packages include powerful linear actuators, wiring, relays and remotes and door poppers required to open your doors with a touch of a button. We offer motorized packages with or without shaved doors and a basic package without remotes.

All Lambo doors and vertical door kits require installation by professionals experienced in show car customizing work. Both Vertical Doors, Inc. and AutoLoc™ Manufacturers offer technical support and will work with your installer.

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