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Extreme Dimensions released their new Fiberglass Hybrid DuraFlex aerodynamic products in 2005. This revolutionary product combines fiberglass, plastic and flex resins to obtain greater durability versus lesser grade standard fiberglass and is a more affordable option compared to Urethane parts. Extreme Dimensions Duraflex products are inspected through a strict quality control process and ship with extreme care.

DuraFlex products feature a flat black primer finish, and are easy to prime and paint. Duraflex fiberglass parts can easily be modified for fitment just like other fiberglass products.

Full Replacement Bumpers include mesh screen for center openings and additional mesh is available for purchase for side vents and other openings. Bumpers conveniently use your factory bolts to install. Some Lip applications come with hardware and/or 3M automotive tape. AUTOMEGA® is proud to be an authorized distributor of the Extreme Dimensions DuraFlex Body Kit line.


  • Flat black primer finish
  • Extremely affordable, roughly half the cost of Urethane
  • Reduced shipping damage rate up to 75%
  • Shiny, high quality metal mesh center screen (extra available for purchase)
  • Hardware kit (if applicable)
  • Installation guide
  • Extreme Dimensions Technical Support Phone Line

We offer the Complete Line of Extreme Dimensions Polyurethane Body Kits

Polyurethane is a flexible material similar to most of the original bumpers on existing automobiles. Most urethane body kit parts tend to be more durable and forgiving than fiberglass, and fit similar to OEM parts due to the nature of the closed molding process during manufacturing. Urethane products are heavy compared to fiberglass body kits, and when damaged they are much harder to fix. However it is much harder to break a urethane body kit than a fiberglass body kit. If you were to hit a curb hard with a fiberglass part it would probably crack or break. If you hit the same curb with a urethane part it would probably flex with the curb and not break. Though urethane body kits are NOT indestructable, they are more forgiving. In general, urethane body kits are more expensive than fiberglass body kits. However, they are recommended for the individual that wants OEM specifications for fitment and durability.


  • OEM type fitment
  • More flexible than fiberglass
  • More durable than fiberglass
  • Shiny, high quality metal mesh center screen (extra available for purchase)

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