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AIT Chevrolet Cavalier Body Kits

Are you looking for more attention? In a car show? Or maybe you have been dreaming about customizing your Chevrolet but haven't found the right body kit? Check out our new Chevrolet Cavalier Body Kits from AIT Racing! Once your new body kit is installed, passers by will start spontaneous conversations with you at gas stations - heads will turn and cameras will flash at you while you drive down the freeway. There are many Cavalier body kits and Chevrolet ground effects to choose from.

Choose a single custom bumper or pair of side skirts, a hood, or you can get a better discount by purchasing a full body kit for your Chevrolet car or truck.

AIT Chevrolet Cavalier Body Kits

AIT Chevrolet Cavalier Body Kits Installation Information

AIT Racing body kits, as are most all body kits on the market are designed as aftermarket, non factory parts and are recommended for show purposes only. All of our AIT body kits, bumpers and side skirts are made of high quality hand layed fiberglass (PFRP), and are gel coated for easier paint preperation, ready to be prepped, primed and painted. All Chevrolet body kits and ground effects come with wire mesh if applicable to that part. Extra wire mesh is also available.

All fiberglass Chevrolet body kits will need some sort of modification such as filling in gaps, holes or cracks. The nature of their style sometimes calls for slight modifications to the stock vehicle such as removal of factory bumpers and supports. This is normal. All Chevrolet body kits will need some modifications. We recommend that retail customers seek an experienced customizing shop to do the installation on theit body kit, and to look for a shop that knows all the procedures of installing fiberglass body kits. We don't recommend small collision repair shops or car dealerships to do fibergl;ass body kit installations. These shops usually are usually only experienced on installing Chevrolet OEM (factory) parts that are direct bolt-on, and they do not know the proper steps and procedures required in the installing of custom body kits.

Why Choose CustomAutoTrim.Com for Cavalier Body Kits ?

We are committed to providing you the highest quality name brand products from the most trusted body kit manufacturers in the industry. We are very knowledgeable in the products that we offer to you taking extra steps along your buying process to make sure that you will get the best possible products for your vehicle. We can help you in the ordering process, and will most certainly help you after you have made your purchase.
If you have questions about the installation of our Chevrolet body kits or if you would rather have personal assistance in placing your order, please call one of our Customer Service specialists toll-free at 800-232-6922 and we would be happy to assist you.

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