Happy Spring, fellow car fanatics! We’ve clawed our way out from under yet another long winter. The days are finally getting longer again (thanks in part to the whole Spring Ahead phenomena—a.k.a. You Didn’t Need That Hour of Sleep, Did You?) And longer days mean, of course, more time to play after work. There is no better time than spring to spend some quality time working on your car. You don’t have the heat of summer, the cold of winter, or the early dark of fall. It’s perfect. Now, I think you’ll find that we’ve got some can’t-be-beat deals to get you motivated, including free shipping on several of your favorite items.


This month, one of our subscribers asked:

I already have wood grain installed in my car. It’s all two-tone and chipping. It’s all going to have to be removed, cleaned, and primered. What’s the best way to get the old off easily? Should I have it done professionally since it will be so much work?

Thanks for your question. You’re right to expect that this will be quite a bit of work, but it’s something you can definitely do at home if you have a little time and patience. Just be sure to pick a day when you have a good block of time open, as this is not something you can rush. Also, be prepared to (more than likely) have to reinstall a replacement dash kit to cover up any markings left by the old kit that you are removing. To begin, you’ll want to use a hair dryer and try to heat up the dash kit as much as possible. That will soften the glue to some extent, and you can try to start pulling up a corner of the dash piece slowly and lifting it off. It is important that you really warm it up good or it will be very hard and brittle, making it tougher and more time consuming to remove. Take your time. Once you get a piece off you will more than likely be left with some glue or adhesive. Warm that up again and try to remove that best as you can without any solvents (just the first step). Then, when you do need some solvent, try a glue remover like goof-off (available at home improvement stores such as Home Depot) but be very careful where you wipe it. If you get that on any of your new surfaces you may get some discoloration. Just be careful and use it sparingly. A damp rag is much better in this case than a dripping wet one. If you need to use a squeegee to agitate the adhesive with the solvent, that is okay – but steer clear of razors or metal objects. You will damage your interior with those.


I know we’ve been out of touch for a little longer than usual this time around, but trust me, it was worth the wait. We’ve been cooking up some excellent offers for you on some of the gotta-have products you’ve been admiring out there on the road.

We know you’ve had your eye on them, and right now we’ve got all Wings West Body Kits at 20% off retail. Wings West products are made with Urethane, which is lighter than other commonly used materials, and designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. That means less hassle and cost in installation, a better look, and less time in the shop. Just select your make and model and we’ll hook you up with all the info you need to personalize your car or truck with one of these hot kits.

Spinning Hubcaps are the hottest thing on the road right now, and you know you can help but admire them when you spot them across the intersection. This month we’ve got them priced so low you won’t be able to resist picking up a set of your very own. Available in 14 and 15 inch. These are a definite must-have this spring.

Coming next month we’ve got another brand new product to tell you all about: Direct Bolt-on Lambo Door Hinges. You don’t want to miss this, so be sure to check back with us in May.