Happy Holidays! Hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving last week, and you didn’t crash and burn too hard after all that turkey. I think I’m still recovering, and could probably live the rest of my life happily without ever setting eyes on a turkey sandwich again. So, I guess it’s time to ask that age old question once again: Have you been naughty or nice this year? Fess up, have you been blacklisted by Santa, or do you expect to see all those things you’ve been dreaming of all year under your tree this month? Take your time, you don’t have to answer now.

Our little AUTOMEGA® elves have been super busy cooking up some great deals and working their magic all over our website. Take a look at our Web News section to figure out what you’d like to add to your wish list.


This month, Steve asked:

How can I keep my car’s finish looking new? Are there any specific products you recommend?

Great question, Steve! The real key to an outstanding finish is to keep it away from the nasty elements, and wash and detail it often. A good exterior detail is done in the following steps:

  1. Wash with a good car wash soap. Do not use dish detergent, this will strip the wax. Any automotive brand will do.
  2. Clean the finish, removing any oxidation and contaminants, such as tar or fallout specs. These can be removed with detailer’s clay. Again, it doesn’t matter what brand you buy. Most come with an applicator spray which is a soapy or waxy solution to lubricate the clay as you rub it on the finish. If no spray is supplied, use the clay with your car wash soap as you are washing your car.
  3. Polish the finish. Polishing is the step that brings out a deep color and shine and eliminates small scratches and swirl marks in your finish. Buy a straight polish without any cleaner in it, such as Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze. If you have a dark finish, look for polishes that say “swirl remover”, “haze remover” or “film remover” recommended for dark cars. I would suggest using a straight polish weekly, monthly, or whenever you feel like touching up your finish.
  4. Wax the finish. Waxing is what gives your finish lasting protection. Some straight waxes I would recommend are Meguairs, Zymol, Production Products, P&S or Pro Products. Straight waxes can be difficult to use, but the trick is to apply in thin, straight, overlapping strokes. Applying a thicker layer does not add protection, it just wastes the wax and makes it more difficult to wipe off. Just remember, “Thin to Win.” I would suggest waxing only as frequently as monthly, or even quarterly.

Finally, for a quick way to keep dust and fingerprints off your car between cleanings, try a good car duster. This will actually remove the smudges and dust instead of just pushing it around or scratching the paint. We’ve got them available for only $19.95.


This month we want to introduce you to one of the most in demand products out there—Hood Scoops. Trust me, Santa just picked one up for his sleigh and he loves it! They’re made from durable, solid core polyurethane. And they couldn’t be easier to install! You can get them primed to paint yourself, or already painted to match your factory color code. They’re available for a number of makes, including Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and more. See if we’ve got your make/model.

Have you still not taken a look at our AEROGEAR® body kit line? For a short time only, we’ve got select AEROGEAR® hoods and fenders marked down to make room for upcoming models. Find what you need for your car or truck.

While we can’t come out and string your holiday lights for you, we can deck you out in the latest in Altezza tail lights. With styles in clear, smoke, carbon fiber and black, we’re sure to have the ones you’ve had your eye on.

We’re almost ready to slide into 2006, but you’ll look like you’re rolling up on 2010 with our Lambo Door Hinge Kits. Manual or Automatic, full kit or accessories, we’ve got them all.


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